Be Your Own Boss, Babe!

We see you over there on Instagram.

How about you get paid for that?

Those first two years of business bite. So skip them.

There’s a myth floating around, like that pesky Zika, that you have to kill yourself for a couple years on Instagram, posting in obscurity before you see a single red cent.

That you have to:

Get “crystal clear” on your brand before you can create a beautiful feed.

Have a huge following before you get your first sale.

Build a whole entire website before you can monetize your Gram.

Instead, what if you could skip right to the part where you:

See new followers every day

Get non-stop compliments, likes and shares on your beautiful Instagram feed

Get PayPal notifications every morning when you wake up and more on your lunch break

Start planning that dream vacation for three months from now, when you’re making bank DAILY from Instagram

We’ll show you how in 6 weeks flat.

That’s right! You’re going to get this business off the ground using tools you already love, like Instagram and good ol’ email.

You don’t even need a website to get started. You just need to know what you’re into and create – what we call – a “Social Brand”. We’ll explain. Keep reading for your all-in escape plan.

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So you think you can brand? 

We won’t sugar coat it. Most businesses on Instagram are terrible! We cringe for the business owner who’s spending all their time and energy on their posts, while unknowingly sending their ideal customers running for the hills! They’re still thinking that their logo is their brand.

They think they’re not seeing those followers turn into buyers because they don’t know how to monetize, but it’s really because they have terrible content, no strategy, and no customer experience. (Was it something I said?)

On Instagram, your brand will monetize to the degree you give your customers an EXPERIENCE when they see your feed.

An experience that POPS is an experience that PAYS. That’s what we call a Social Brand.

Never sweat your Instagram again. Turn that following right into cash flow. 

We want to spare you this horrible fate and save you the wasted time and frustration of poking around in the dark with that big ugly stick. We want to teach you how to create a beautiful, profitable Instagram feed and turn your photos into cash money in the bank.

Unless you are Justin Bieber (yes, we’ve got the fever), no one cares what you ate for lunch.

Most business owners are out there posting all kinds of craziness on their business accounts. What does your havarti club have to do with anything? When you’re looking to monetize your account, every post has to be purposeful and tell the story of your brand. Your ideal customer will follow you for one of three reasons:

1. They love your content.

2. They aspire to the lifestyle your brand represents.

3. Or they think your audience is so cool and they want to be part of your tribe.

So while you’re out snapping photos of the kids or the smelly customer who walked through your door, your customer is wondering why you’re not posting those on Facebook and giving them the content they came to Instagram for.

Does this lighting make me look fat?

And it’s not just what you post, but the QUALITY of what you post that monetizes. Instagram is too crowded for half-aspartame content. We want beautiful images. Grande with a splash of coconut milk images. If your followers are bored, they’re gonna bounce.

Now, you’re speaking my language.

So you’ve got purposeful content and you’ve got quality photos. So how are you leading your customer to the sale? You’ve gotta learn to speak their language. The best brands on social have a voice, or a way of writing, that makes their customers flee to the kitchen to find their wallets. It’s a little “Let’s get personal” plus a little “Let’s get results.” Whatever your customer wants, you’ve gotta give it to them everyday on Instagram.

It’s how we build trust online: creating a consistent experience for your customer that makes them go “I’ll have a side of Fri-yay with that.”

Everybody wants a free lunch.

When your feed is beautiful and your content is rich, now it’s time to really deliver the goods. For free.

Say WHAAAA?!?!?

Yes, friends. You must give away your best stuff. See, in the world of online marketing, there are too many scam artists out there taking our money and making off with the cash like Bonnie and Clyde. So you have to prove you’re #TOOLEGITTOQUIT.

How? By giving away GREAT value in the form of a free gift that makes your customer squeal with delight. Maybe it’s three of your best tips. Or a free 20 minute consultation. Whatever you’re giving away. Make sure it’s so good that your customer feels like they just found somebody’s wallet stuffed with cash. And they have no intent to return the money.

Time to reel that fishy right in.

Once your ideal customer has found nirvana in your free gift, it’s time to put the rest of your sales funnel to work…

Oh, you don’t have a sales funnel?

Think of it like a Slip ‘n Slide. There’s no stopping until you get to the end.

Perhaps you have heard the phrase, “The fortune is in the follow-up.” Well, that’s how you will be #BLESSED on Instagram. See, everyone on Instagram is basically window shopping. They’re not ready to buy at 8:00 a.m. when they’re still wearing their cucumber eye mask and trying to figure out how to sneak out of bed to get their first cup of coffee before the hubby wakes up.

It’s – like – not the time. You know?

So once that little fishy grabs the bait – your free gift – you have to “do the pole dance” (sorry, bad analogy) until it jumps out of the water and into your boat! That’s what we call an Insta-funnel, and we’re going to teach you exactly how to design one that will make your Mama proud.

We’ve said too much.

Alright, lady. What are you trying to pull here? You want to get all our secrets for monetizing a killer Instagram feed in 6 weeks flat?

Well, it’s gonna cost ya.

SBS is the white knight to your Instagram S.O.S.

That’s right. Your prince charming showed up in the form of two millennial women who are *obsessed* with making your feed profitable. We would have called Social Brand School “Your Profitable Feed” but we had to head off the Equestrian jokes.
So to get down to the nitty gritty, Social Brand School is a 6 module digital course – dripped out over the course of 6 weeks. Each module builds strategically on the next one. That’s why we don’t want you overachievers skipping around. If you’re a slow-poke, don’t worry. You have access to the course for life. As in 4-EVA.
Social Brand School is literally the only tool you need to monetize your Instagram. From branding to content strategy to sales funnels to hashtags, it’s all in there. It will work for you if you’re a personal brand, a product-based business or a service provider. There are funnels, templates and guides for all three.

But we’re clearly biased. Meet our heroes (ahem, students).



“The information that was shared by both Samantha and Julie was extremely helpful and eye-opening. After going over the crucial parts of becoming a Social Brand, I was more clear on the direction I wanted to take my brand. I’ve done a handful of workshops and programs before but none of which honed in on social media the way we did during the workshop! If you’re starting a business or know you want to start a business but don’t know where to start, this is for you! By the end of the training, you’ll be way more clear on your vision, the type of customers you’re looking to attract, and what/who your brand is going to represent. I promise you, your creative juices will be flowing at high speeds during and after the workshop! Hands down, the best workshop I’ve attended thus far!” – Nicole, Project NM Founder



“Making the decision to work with Julie and Samantha is one of the best decisions I could have made for my brand. The concept for my business was created and shaped in a way that I could not have imagined doing on my own. They were able to hear all of my ideas and make them into a real, marketable brand.  I’ve learned how to actually use social media to grow and reach my target audience in ways that I didn’t even know existed before I worked with Make it Ideal.  If you want to get serious about growing your brand, Make it Ideal can make it possible” – Liz, Sister Praise Founder

A Peek Into The Modules

There are six modules we cover over six weeks. Each module is designed to be followed in order, step by step.

Module 1: Get Inside Your Ideal Customer’s Head

As in WTF do they actually want? If your ideal customer is a mystery to you, your sales will be a mystery too! We have created an easy way for you to actually figure out once and for all where they are online, what they want to buy, and WHY.

What You Will Learn:

  • What type of content do they want to see
  • What they think of your brand and how you can make your brand more attractive to them
  • What they want to buy right now from you and how you can be sure you’ll make sales with your business

At the end of Module 1, you will really understand who your ideal customer is once and for all, so you can get on to the real business of making money!

Module 2: Make Bank with Instagram

Module 2 is about learning how to actually find your ideal customer on Instagram and lead them to the sale of your products or services.

What You Will learn:

  • How to find them on Instagram
  • How to absolutely WOW them so they get on your email list
  • How to pitch them what you offer without sounding sales-y, slimy, or sleazy
  • How to sell sell sell on the daily

You’re way too fly to be waiting around on the sale. With Module 2, you won’t have to.

Module 3: Become the Hot New Brand on Instagram

Module 3 is all about STANDING OUT on the GRAM!

What You Will Learn:

  • How to be that account people like to check every day
  • How to create content that gets more likes, comments, and shares (no photography skills needed)
  • How to create content that actually converts your followers to buyers

At the end of Module 3, your brand will be THE SHIT on Instagram – MORE unique, more vibrant, and more attractive to your ideal customer.



“Within one week of working with Julie and Samantha I was totally clear on my brand and social media strategies. Samantha and Julie became like extensions of myself. They got to know the ins and outs of my brand, me as a person, and my business goals. They cultivated my business like a sprouting flower; taking the time to attend to every single detail!” – Monica Auslander, MS, RD, LD/N
Founder of Essence Nutrition


Module 4: Content That Converts

Module 4 is all about planning and making content your customer can’t stop talking about.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to plan your content each month, so you’re always ahead of the game
  • Where to get images when you can’t afford original imagery
  • How to create content if you don’t like writing or taking photos
  • How to brand yourself, so people see you as the expert
  • How to sell via email without sounding spammy
  • How to engage with your followers more deeply so they become happy customers

At the end of Module 4, your content confusion will be newfound clarity. You’ll know what to post and how that’s going to become money in the bank.

Module 5: Grow Your Accounts & Write Your Own Paycheck with Engagement

Module 5 will teach you every strategy in the book for how to grow your Instagram account.

What You Will Learn:

  • Techniques for growing your account every single day
  • How to use hashtags to get found, seen and followed
  • Who to follow and how to get followed
  • How to write your own paycheck by finding and converting as many ideal customers as you want

This Module is where the rubber meets the road, babe! It’s where you put all your hard work into action and get those clients!

Module 6: Grow Your Audience with Collaborations

Module 6 will teach you how to become your own PR-Chick, so you can align yourself with influencers who can send thousands of followers your way.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to grow a targeted audience with collaborations
  • How to plan and negotiate collaborations
  • How to design campaigns that increase brand awareness
  • How to select great brand partnerships and how to reach out in style

In this module, you’ll learn to play with the big Boss Babes on Instagram and all across social media, so you can start climbing the ranks as an influencer in your own right!


Holly Diederich loving life

BONUS #1 : How to Build a Thriving Facebook Group Masterclass

Wait a minute. I thought you said this was about Instagram! Instagram is a special kind of community, one that thrives on fast-paced comments, beautiful imagery and yes – a lot of sales. But if you want to cultivate deeper discussion and really build a tight-knit community of your ideal customers, you may also want to consider sending your Instagram followers to your Facebook group to take the conversation to another level. Holly Diedrich is a master of Facebook groups and will be sharing exactly how she grew her Facebook group to over 1,000 members in a matter of months.



#1 Legal Basics for New Business Owners

Doug Cerny is our personal attorney and always makes sure we have the right paperwork in place for our business! He’s a big-shot General Counsel who’s worked with business development, mergers, and acquisitions for his entire career. His time is expensive y’all! This bonus alone is worth over $500. As a Virtual General Counsel, he offers small business advisory services including venture capital/funding, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, licensing of intellectual property, trademark and patent filing, IP protection, and corporate structuring. He’ll be going over the basic legal frameworks of online business and will be taking your questions during this exclusive masterclass!

#2 How to Engage People Offline Like a Boss

What you do off-line impacts what you do ONLINE! Karyn Turk, Mrs. Florida 2016 and CEO and Founder of is going to teach you how she’s built her social media following by thousands based on how she builds an audience off-line. Karyn Turk is a keynote speaker, marketing trainer, author and consultant in the art of social selling for global organizations. She is the Founder and CEO of an online consulting and branding platform that educates business owners, on branding and market visibility. She was named as one of South Florida’s Power Women and top influencers in 2015. She has elevated her personal brand to include thousands of followers across all social media platforms.

#3 Anatomy of a Killer Instagram Post

This little baby has saved us a million times over! We developed this guide as a reminder of how to maximize conversions on Instagram just based on how you write your post. There is a post structure that is tried and true and really works best when you’re posting on Instagram. We can’t wait to share this with you, as we’ve never shared it before!

#4 How to Maximize Conversions on Your Opt-in

This workbook is designed to make sure your opt-ins prepare your ideal customer for the sale! Many people teach you what an opt-in is but few teach you how to create the right one for your business. Our Opt-in workbook is really the secret behind how our past clients get the right people on their email list, which creates an audience who is excited to hear more from the brand and buy when presented with the right offer.


Payment Options

There are two ways to enroll in Social Brand School! We made this an affordable option for you to get the branding, marketing and PR strategy you need to get the ball rolling! We encourage you to pay in full, if possible, to take advantage of the savings we can offer. If you’d prefer to break up your payment into three equal parts, please select that option as well. Your card will be charged automatically 30 and 60 days after you make the initial payment.

Pay $447 Today

A One Time Payment of $447, for the all-in bosses – which includes the entire Social Brand School program. This is a savings of nearly 25%!

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Pay $197 Today

Three monthly payments of $197, which includes the entire Social Brand School program. After your first payment, your second and third payments will be charged to your card automatically, 30 and 60 days after your first payment, respectively.

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Our Story

Julie and Samantha first met in college and again, later, while doing a workshop that changed both of their lives forever. At the time, Samantha had just left a marketing agency she had been collaborating with, and Julie had just been through her first start-up acquisition.

Both were open to new possibilities and had a similar mission: empowering the entrepreneur.

The two reconnected and found it fascinating how complementary their skill sets were, and just like that, Ideal Marketing was born.


Julie Cabezas

Chief Engineer + Executive Producer

Julie is a leader. For her whole life, she has been obsessed with greatness. She spent many years trying different businesses and failing her way to success.

With a background in engineering, marketing, and training, Julie Cabezas is Ideal Marketing’s Chief Engineer, Executive Producer, and Resident Writer.

Her passion is for dance, writing, arts, and sciences. She is fascinated by those who have the courage to live a unique life and is deeply in love with her own life. She is a passionate mother, girlfriend, and business owner.

She intends to lead her generation to greatness, so that one day, anyone can earn a fantastic living doing what they love.

Samantha Loomis

Creative Director + PR Powerhouse

Samantha is a maverick. She’s been leading life her own way since she could remember. She too has spent the past decade building businesses, learning from her mistakes, and trailblazing new paths to freedom.

With a background in sports medicine, marketing and e-commerce, Samantha Loomis is Ideal Marketing’s Creative Director, PR Powerhouse, and Visuals Vixen.

Her passion is for fashion, luxury, travel, and of course, athletics. She is obsessed with living a life worth remembering, tapping into your potential and growing your wealth with online digital business.

She intends to blaze a trail for all future business owners by teaching them how to be more sovereign, while running a successful business from anywhere.



Payment Options

There are two ways to enroll in Social Brand School! We made this an affordable option for you to get the branding, marketing and PR strategy you need to get the ball rolling! We encourage you to pay in full, if possible, to take advantage of the savings we can offer. If you’d prefer to break up your payment into three equal parts, please select that option as well. Your card will be charged automatically 30 and 60 days after you make the initial payment.

Pay $447 Today

A One Time Payment of $447, for the all-in bosses – which includes the entire Social Brand School program. This is a savings of nearly 25%!

Register for Social Brand School

Pay $197 Today

Three monthly payments of $197, which includes the entire Social Brand School program. After your first payment, your second and third payments will be charged to your card automatically, 30 and 60 days after your first payment, respectively.

Register for Social Brand School


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If you are in the media or a business, and are interested in collaborations, interviews, or features, we would love to hear more about what you’re looking for! Please leave us a note below, and we will have our Public Relations representative reach out.

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